Precise Billiard Supply Service

We are full service pool table mechanics.

What We Do:

Moving pool tables  we move all tables from 6′ to 12′ from 1 piece slate to 4 piece slate tables, non slate tables, antiques.we will move your table up stairs down stairs room to room, house to house, business to business, anywhere you want it! when moving your table out of town we charge a travel and trip charge, our shop is located in Shawnee Kansas, 66216 so anywhere within 40 miles of us its a flat fee, after 40 miles thats when the trip and travel kicks in.

Setup Tables we setup every pool table as if a professional was going to play on it no matter what the quality table you may have, using only the best materials to finish the job Precisely, setting up the table correctly is crucial, if done incorrectly you may find your self spending a lot of money throughout the years that could have been avoid using our proven system!!

Level tables: When leveling your pool table its crucial to do this correctly with NO WEDGES, and leveled with a machinist levels rather than a carpenters level, a machinist level measures in thousands not inches, we get down to the nitty gritty to insure a perfectly level playing surface, when this process is done incorrectly you may warp the slates and become very frustrated, our process of leveling, bonding and seaming of slates is a proven process that is very very important to insure a lifetime of Precise play.

Bonding & Seaming The Slates: Again this proven process is very important and the way we do it is very Precise and I wish every installer did it, we bond the slates together so there is no slate separation, if you put enough weight on the table the seems may pop and cause the ball to jump, and it does not take much weight to cause this, a lot of companies use water putty to seam the slates, water putty turns rock hard and crumbles under the cloth causing the balls to roll the off, stop, jump, ETC. it does not hurt the slate just your wallet!! Bondo is another way to seam and is not good it gets way to hard and if taking the slate apart you are at risk of cracking the slate especially if you get a pool table mechanic that does not no what he/she is doing, bee’s wax is ok but it expands and retracts with humidity and will have to be done often. the wax we use is a special wax formulated for pool tables and is the only way to go.

Re-rubber rails: when your rails are super hard or very spongy this is a very good indication that your rubber may be bad or going bad, when replacing rubber it is very important to remove all glue and make sure the angle of the rail is perfect, so when we replace the rubber we make sure the perch is true on all rails and run the rail down our planer, we can use your original facings or replace them if needed, this process is time consuming and very very important to do correctly, we only put on good rubber and you can always up grade to a high quality rubber. We always tell the customer if you are not going to play on your table please roll a ball against the rubber of each rubber to get that energy running through so they don’t lock up, if you leave a car tire out side and don’t use it they go flat and get dry rot and then eventually are ruined, same thing could happen to pool table rubber. I have seen good gum rubber form the early 1900’s still good today, and rubber from tables as late as 2004 go bad, some of it could be a manufacture defect or just poor maintenance.

Recover tables & rails: when recovering the bed or playing surface we staple the cloth on rather than glue, now sometimes we have to glue down the bed, but we make sure there is NO glue on the playing surface especially in the pockets! the bed cloth is stretched tight but will loosen up over time but if done correctly it should stay tight enough to were it does not slow the ball roll. when covering new rails or recovering your existing rails they are stapled if we re-cover your existing rails we remove all staples then install new cloth, most rails have a reveal and the cloth should never go past this reveal or it could make the ball bounce off incorrectly, all cloth is installed wrinkle free!

Tear-down tables: we tear-down pool tables for many reasons, new carpet, new tile, new rug, flooding in basement, remodel, for moving companies, fire, etc. this service is not to difficult but if stored wrong could be damaging to your table!

Crate tables for moving: This service is used for long haul moving, we crate the slates and show the customer how the table should be transported!

Slate repair: we repair cracked, chipped slates, antique wood corners, slate backing, antique slates that have lead barrel nuts inserted in the slates just about anything that may occur do to age or improper install!

Refinish tables: you need your table refinished or want parts made for your table that are no longer available, we do it!

Sell tables: We do sell some new tables, but we love to sell used tables that are in great shape and if they are not we will make them play and look like new, our goal is to sell you a table we the pool players would play on or own, there are thousands & thousands of tables and a lot of table makers there are high end tables and low end tables there are tables that cost $1,000 that play better than a $5,000 pool table, just because it looks good does not mean it plays good! make sure you do your research, and if you have any questions call Brendon or Ron they will give you expert advice and knowledge about what you should buy!!!

Store tables: we have a few climate controlled storage units that we store tables for many reasons, we store tables for as long as you need and charge a very low price and all units are insured!

Sell all pool table supplies: any pool tables supplies you need we can get and we are very competitive with pricing!

Repair Cues: any cue repair or replacement you may need we do it, we do not mess around with cheap repair kits and cheap glue, all repair is done on a lathe and is warrantied within reason!

Create Custom Cues: Ron Trager custom cues made from the finest woods, built with love and they play like or even better than your name brand cues, if you want a custom cues that is built to your specifications we can do it! all wood used is cured and stabilized!